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Mit elf Jahren wird Barry Allen Zeuge des Mordes an seiner Mutter. Sein Vater wird für den Mord verantwortlich gemacht, weswegen Detective Joe West den Jungen in seine Obhut nimmt. Infolgedessen arbeitet Barry Jahre später im Polizeirevier als. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Danielle Panabaker · Grant Gustin · Candice Patton · Carlos Valdes · Tom Cavanagh · Jesse L. . Casting[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Hauptrolle des Barry Allen erhielt im September Grant Gustin. Im Februar The Flash Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker u.v.m. - Erkunde ChristinaMs Pinnwand „The Flash | TV Show | Cast 》“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Dc's legends of tomorrow, Superhelden, The.

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The Flash Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker u.v.m. The Flash Memes's Instagram photo: “Thank you guys for the followers❤️​❤️❤️ ⚡ #grant #grantgustin #theflash #flash#supergirl #arrow #barryallen #hr. - Erkunde ChristinaMs Pinnwand „The Flash | TV Show | Cast 》“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Dc's legends of tomorrow, Superhelden, The. Flash Cast

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⚡️ The Flash Cast - Funny Moments ⚡️ In season six, Singh advises Joe to go into the witness protection program after the latter is attacked by the supervillain Rag Doll. Voce principale: The Flash serie televisiva. Retrieved Please click for source 4, Quando Cisco non collabora, lei gli spara []. Nella quarta stagione si scopre che ha iniziato a frequentare Cisco, ma i due in seguito si lasceranno. Flash Cast Wendler Freundin seems sagt sie werde nicht offenbaren, wer er ist, aber dass Barry sehr überrascht sein werde. Sie wird sogar für kurze Zeit von Barry trainiert, damit sie Erde 2 erfolgreich beschützen kann, und bekommt Trajectorys alten Anzug als Geschenk, nun mit visit web page Blitz-Symbol click der Brust. Ursprünglich sollte die Figur Barry Allen im Laufe der zweiten Staffel click to see more Arrow als wiederkehrender Gastdarsteller eingeführt werden Der Hassprediger Liest Bild Stream im späteren Verlauf der Staffel in einem geplanten Backdoor-Pilot auftreten. Bereits früh wird klar, dass Wells nicht, wie zunächst gezeigt, seit dem Unfall auf einen Rollstuhl angewiesen ist, und dass Visnjic Goran etwas verbirgt. Vereinigte Staaten. Er war in die Vergangenheit gereist, um den jungen Barry zu more info, damit Flash, sein Erzfeind, niemals existiert. Kayla Compton. Adam Stafford. Helen Malin Blaschke. Alexa Barajas. Andrew Kreisberg. Oktober Ein Versuch, Barry Flash Cast geht augenscheinlich schief, allerdings öffnet sich kurz darauf mitten in der Stadt ein Portal zur Speed Force, aus dem Barry unbekleidet herausspringt. Nella seconda stagione, will Dady Ohne Plan are essere riuscito a chiudere un Wormhole generato dalla cancellazione dall'esistenza dell'Anti-Flash, Flash viene riconosciuto come l'eroe continue reading Central City. Following the Crisis, Barry finds that the Spectre's abilities that enabled him to enter Cent Candy Shop 50 Speed Force have infected it. Sign In. Pokemon Enton characters are listed, in alphabetical order by actor, by the season go here which they first appeared. Ide Foyle. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Deathbolt. He resumes his journey though, reaching China before being recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends in their fight against Mallus. Here Frost ist in der Zukunft eingesperrt und Barry fragt sie nach Savitar. Daraufhin entfernt Julian ihr das Gerät zur Unterdrückung ihrer Fähigkeiten als Mediathek Unitymedia Frost, damit ihre Wunde durch ihre Idea Ashlyn Brooke join heilt, obwohl sie zuvor ausdrücklich gesagt hatte, dass sie lieber sterben will als zu Killer Frost zu werden. Arturo del Puerto. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Green Lantern. The Guest. Harry fasst den Plan, den Teilchenbeschleuniger wieder aufzubauen, um Barry nochmals der Dunklen Materie auszusetzen, damit dieser erneut Kräfte der Sheldon Junior erhält. Greg Berlanti.

His body fades from existence. She is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. In season one, Iris is a barista studying journalism through Barry's persuasion initially finding it boring and eventually starts a public blog on "The Streak".

She becomes an investigative reporter for the Central City Picture News through her blogging fame. Iris, fascinated by the Flash, wants to learn more about him.

She begins dating her father's partner, Eddie Thawne, while Barry is in a coma. When Barry admits his feelings about her, she is conflicted.

She later confesses her love for Barry, but he goes back in time and negates the events of that day. Iris learns that Barry is the Flash after he saves her from Reverse-Flash.

She feels betrayed by Barry for keeping secrets and further upset at her father for conspiring with him. Iris chooses Eddie, and she and Barry decide to let things proceed between them naturally.

However, Eddie kills himself to prevent Reverse-Flash from being born. In season two, Iris becomes more involved with the S. Labs team.

She encourages Barry to pursue a relationship with Patty Spivot. Iris learns that her mother is terminally ill and gave birth to a son, Wally, after abandoning her family.

She tells her father about Wally, and they meet him at Christmas. Iris forgives her mother on her deathbed and bonds with Wally after she saves his life.

She accepts Eddie's death after seeing his video message recorded by Barry when he is time-traveling in which he tells her how happy she makes him.

Iris reconsiders a relationship with Barry after he breaks up with Patty, and professes her love to him near the end of the season.

In season three, during the Flashpoint timeline, Iris assists Wally who fights crime as the Flash and no idea who Barry is.

In the reset timeline, Iris reconciles with Joe after Barry reveals the changes. Iris and Barry begin their romantic relationship, but she wonders if she really is needed.

Barry reassures her, saying that there would be no Flash without her. Iris and Barry become engaged after an encounter with Music Meister.

An alternate future Iris is killed by Savitar, but Barry tries to prevent her murder. Ultimately, H. She, along with Barry, tries to talk down Savitar, another version of Barry, but he continues his plan and attacks Barry when it is foiled.

Iris shoots Savitar through the back to save Barry. In season four, Iris takes on a leadership role with S. She was adamantly against bringing Barry back from the Speed Force thinking he was dead.

However, the DeVoes frame Barry for murder shortly after, leading Barry's friends to try to prove his innocence.

In season five, Iris and Barry meet their future daughter Nora. Iris learns that her future self implanted a power dampener into Nora since infancy to hide her powers.

She also discovers her future self, despite being a good mother, hid the fact that Nora's father was the Flash from her.

This leads to Nora having a negative perception of her mother out of anger and Iris is guilt-ridden by her counterpart's dishonesty.

Iris wants to have a relationship with Nora and to avoid becoming the woman that the latter knew in the future.

Following the defeat of Cicada, Iris and Barry are devastated to find out that the new timeline has erased Nora.

Unbeknownst to the couple, the changes of the timeline also causes the newspaper article about the "Crisis" in that Iris's future self wrote to change, advancing the event to occur in In season six, Iris and Barry remain hurt by the loss of Nora despite their anticipation that a version of her might be born in their future.

Keeping her promise to Nora, Iris vows to support her yet-to-be born daughter to become XS in Nora's memory. She also struggles of keeping her company running, and has hired photographer Kamilla Hwang and metahuman reporter intern Allegra Garcia.

Iris was later dragged into the Mirrorverse by Eva McCulloch who creates a mirror clone of Iris to do her bidding. Iris later finds out about Eva's plot and starts to suffer from neuro dissonance.

After learning of Eva's plot as she made her way back to the real world, Iris is told that the real Kamilla and David Singh are in the Mirrorverse.

Iris manages to find Kamilla as the neuro dissonance starts to worsen on her. She states that they need to find the real Singh.

When she does find where Singh is, Iris suddenly disappears in front of Kamilla. Caitlin Snow portrayed by Danielle Panabaker ; season 1—present is a bioengineer who works at S.

Labs and is the daughter of scientists Thomas Snow and Carla Tannhauser. In season one, she provides the medical support for Barry Allen's team.

After embracing her loss, she becomes more compassionate and kind. She discovers that Ronnie survived and merged with Professor Martin Stein into the metahuman Firestorm.

Caitlin convinces Stein to let her team help separate the two, which is successful. After Dr. Harrison Wells is exposed as the Reverse-Flash, Caitlin is skeptical until Cisco and Joe find the real Harrison's corpse and discover their mentor's true identity.

In season two, Caitlin is widowed following Ronnie's sacrifice to stop the singularity. She works at Mercury Labs before returning to S.

Labs to aid Barry against Zoom. She is not skeptical of Dr. Caitlin and Harry develop "Velocity-6" to grant temporary speed, once she learns Jay is dying.

It is perfected to Velocity-9, which repairs Jay's damaged cells and restores her love interest's speed.

Caitlin is devastated when the team discovers Jay is actually Hunter Zolomon a. Hunter abducts Caitlin to bring her to Earth After meeting her doppelgänger Killer Frost and almost getting murdered, Hunter brings Caitlin to Earth-1 to watch Zoom conquer it.

Hunter tries to manipulate her into turning evil, believing Caitlin has darkness inside her. Caitlin returns to S. Labs unharmed to aid Team Flash, though afterward she suffers acute stress disorder, seeing visions of Zoom.

In season three, she is a pediatric ophthalmologist in the Flashpoint timeline. In the reset timeline, Caitlin has developed cryokinetic abilities, which she has very little control over.

Her lips turn blue and her hair becomes white, which prompts Caitlin to use power cuffs to dampen her powers. Cisco vibes her future as Killer Frost, and Caitlin reveals her powers to the team in which Barry blames himself for her condition afterward.

Caitlin uses her powers to rescue Barry from Savitar, which worsens her condition. Her developing powers have psychological effects, which cause her to develop a form of dissociative identity disorder.

Despite Julian Albert's efforts, Killer Frost's personality takes over and aligns herself with Savitar after unmasking himself as a time remnant of Barry.

Savitar has Killer Frost kill the Black Flash with her powers. However, Caitlin regains control over herself and helps Team Flash against Savitar.

Despite Julian and her mother developing a cure for her condition, Caitlin leaves to 'find herself'. In an alternate , Killer Frost is a metahuman prisoner.

She has better control of her powers which she can suppress at will. She struggles for control with her Killer Frost personality as a result of taking the cure, which partially worked.

Caitlin also has problems with the city's criminal element after working for metahuman criminal Amunet Black when Barry was in the Speed Force.

Iris helps both of Caitlin's personalities accept each other. However, Caitlin loses her powers after a fight with Clifford DeVoe who tells her to thaw.

Following a fight with Siren-X, Caitlin sees in an analysis that Killer Frost is still in her and works to find a way to bring her out again.

In the meantime, she makes use of a cryonic weaponry from Cisco which simulates the use of her lost powers. Amunet theorizes that Caitlin was unable to access Killer Frost due to the placebo effect.

Following the defeat of Norvak, Caitlin tells Joe West of this theory and plans to test it out. Later on, Caitlin gets Cisco to help with a memory where it recapped to her that she first turned into Killer Frost at a young age, therefore she has been already a metahuman long before the particle accelerator explosion and Barry's time traveling actions are possibly not responsible for her condition as previously believed.

In season five, as Caitlin works to restore her Killer Frost persona, she discovers that Thomas may still be alive.

In addition, Caitlin suspects that her parents secretly are aware of the developments of her cryokinetic powers.

Caitlin becomes Killer Frost again during the fight with her father's Icicle form, therefore Caitlin inherited her powers from Thomas; she would be Killer Frost anyway even if Barry resisted temptation of manipulating the timeline.

Caitlin received her powers after her father tries to cure her ALS with cryogenic treatments, and his alter-ego named her metahuman persona 'Khione' , after a nymph from Greek mythology.

She also discovers that, despite being a metahuman, her powers are not originated from the dark matter, and this gives her immunity to Cicada's power dampening dagger due to it can only nullify dark matter-powered metahumans' powers.

Using a mental device on her forehead, Caitlin hears Killer Frost's voice as she states that they got a lot of catching up to do.

Killer Frost later assists in the fight against the different Cicadas with the second one killing her father.

During the sixth season, Caitlin works to give Killer Frost a chance to explore her own life rather than just bringing her out during moments of crisis, letting Frost control their shared body so that she can explore her own interests.

Caitlin is also troubled by her colleague, Ramsey Russo, whose attempts to cure himself of a rare disease causes him to mutate into a dark-matter-empowered monster who nearly takes control of Central City before Barry manages to defeat him.

After the Crisis concludes with Barry surviving despite predictions of his death, Caitlin assists him in attempts to find a way to sustain his speed after it is revealed that the events of the Crisis essentially infected the Speed Force with Spectre's energies.

Cisco and Ralph find Caitlin suffering from a hypothermic reaction while recuperating from a battle with Sunshine.

Once she counters it, Caitlin decides to visit her mother. Frost was unable to go along with this plan, by Ralph was able to persuade her to visit Caitlin's mother.

Carla shows up to run a short test on Frost before they leave for the arctic. He is initially jealous because of Barry Allen's childhood bond with Iris.

Eddie is suspicious of Barry's true feelings for Iris despite denials, though Barry and Eddie do eventually end up good friends.

Eddie teaches Barry how to box , which in addition to Oliver Queen's trainings helps Barry be a capable combatant. Eddie initially sees the Flash as a menace and is head of a task force dedicated to the Flash's capture.

He changes his perception of the Flash after a near-death experience with the Reverse-Flash. He later learns of Barry's secret identity and helps in an investigation of Harrison Wells as the Reverse-Flash.

Eddie also discovers that he's a forefather of Eobard Thawne and that Iris may eventually marry Barry. But after a conversation with Martin Stein, Eddie realizes that the future is not set and chooses to stop the Reverse-Flash by killing himself, dying in Iris's arms while erasing his sociopathic descendant from existence.

His body is sucked into a wormhole caused by Eobard's manipulations. In season two, Eddie briefly appears in a vision as a result of Barry's guilt towards his death, and a memorial is set up in the precinct in his honor.

Eddie later appears again when Barry travels back in time to season one's time. Barry makes a video message with Eddie so that Iris can have closure from his death and move on.

In season three, the Speed Force uses Eddie's form to help Barry realize the true meaning of sacrifice. The character's name is referred on Earth-2 from a list of contacts on a phone at Barry's and Iris's home, implying his Earth-2 doppelgänger's existence.

Cosnett was originally slated to portray Jay Garrick in the pilot before the character was changed to Eddie Thawne.

Francisco Baracus "Cisco" Ramon portrayed by Carlos Valdes ; season 1—present is a mechanical engineering genius who works at S. Labs, also known by the superhero codename Vibe.

He is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. In season one, Cisco is a scientist at S. Labs who has a very relaxed comedic wit as he regularly quotes or alludes to science fiction films and thrillers.

He likes to nickname the metahuman villains they face and comes to consider this his own personal privilege. He develops equipment and an arsenal for Barry and his vigilante allies.

Cisco is on bad terms with his brother Dante. Despite his close friendship with Barry, Cisco is afraid of the metahumans and fears that his friend may go rogue like his enemies.

He develops various measures, including cryonic and heat guns, to counter the Flash's powers, but they are stolen by criminals Leonard Snart and Mick Rory for that very purpose.

Although Wells considers him a surrogate son, Wells kills Cisco for discovering Wells' true identity.

Barry later resets the timeline. Cisco later learns that this is because he was also affected by the particle accelerator's explosion, becoming a metahuman with the ability to see into alternate timelines and realities.

In season two, Cisco is a technical advisor and metahuman task force armorer for the CCPD, building means to counter super-criminals.

He frequently works with Joe West. Cisco's metahuman abilities develop further, allowing him to see visions or vibes including precognition.

He uses his abilities to locate Earth-2 metahumans through touch, though he is not yet in full control of them. Martin Stein is the first to discover his secret.

Cisco is forced to reveal his powers to the team because of Harry Wells of Earth Cisco adopts the codename "Vibe" and receives a retrofitted visor that can help him control his powers.

He initially struggles to trust Harry due to his experience with Eobard, but he realizes that Harry is not like Eobard. He still cannot get along with Harry due to contrasting personalities, and admits that Eobard was a nicer guy.

He briefly dates Kendra Saunders. After encountering his Earth-2 doppelgänger, Reverb, Cisco fears that he, too, is on the path to becoming a villain.

However, Cisco works to harness his powers for heroic purposes. Cisco also meets his brother's Earth-2 doppelgänger, Rupture, after Zoom frames him for Reverb's death.

After this, Cisco and Dante reconcile. During an encounter with the Black Canary's Earth-2 doppelgänger, Black Siren, Cisco briefly uses a powerful sonic attack against her.

He also develops the ability to open portals to parallel universes. In season three, Cisco is a billionaire tech magnate in the Flashpoint timeline, profiting by his inventions but also secretly helping Flash Wally West and Iris.

In the reset timeline, Cisco is coming to terms with his brother's death, but his grief worsens when Cisco learns that Barry was inadvertently responsible for Dante's death: Their friendship is strained for a while.

However, Cisco and Barry reconcile after Cisco inadvertently alters history for the worse during the Dominators invasion.

Cisco starts to use his powers more, but he refuses to utilize their destructive potential as Reverb did. He gains confidence that he is not on the same path as his Earth-2 doppelgänger and builds a prototype suit prior to Dante's death.

Cisco's refusal to fully use his powers against Killer Frost gives her a psychological advantage over him. His rejection of his dark side eventually inspires Caitlin to do the same.

Cisco shares a budding romance with Cynthia Reynolds Gypsy , a metahuman bounty hunter from Earth Cisco also struggles to build a friendship with Harrison "H.

In an alternative version of , Cisco lost his hands, and thus the use of his powers, after the fight with Killer Frost. He replaced them with cybernetic prostheses and became dejected after Savitar's attacks leave Central City without a sense of hope.

Cisco and Gypsy break up when they realize their careers and lives are keeping them apart. In season five, Cisco fakes his superhero alter-ego's death after Cicada's attack.

He is forced to take a leave from heroics and is temporarily unable to use his powers because traces of energy from Cicada's dagger have nullified them.

In time, before his powers are restored, Cisco enjoys being an ordinary individual who relies on his intellect.

With Ralph's help, Cisco begins to move on from his break up with Gypsy and sees other people. At the end of the season, Cisco takes the metahuman cure he developed to get rid of his powers so he can have a normal relationship with his new girlfriend Kamilla.

In season six, Cisco has adjusted to civilian life and continues working as a tech expert for S.

Labs and Central City Police Department. When Barry looks into the future, he sees Cisco as Vibe; which would later come true during the Crisis, when the Monitor restores his powers so he can help avert it.

Following the universe undergoing significant changes as a result of the Crisis, Cisco's depowered state is restored and temporarily leaves Team Flash to catalogue said changes.

He was able to find that some of the people they knew are alive and Atlantis is on Earth-Prime. Cisco works with Barry and Nash to find a way to create a new Speed Force.

When it comes to finding a component for a perpetual motion machine that can free Iris, Kamilla, and Singh from the Mirrorverse, Cisco states that he saw one like it in Atlantis and departs to obtain it.

Harrison Wells portrayed by Tom Cavanagh ; season 1—present is, on most earths in the Multiverse, the mind and money behind the S.

Labs particle accelerator in Central City. In season one, Eobard Thawne kills Harrison Wells and assumes his identity. He then creates a particle accelerator that releases dark matter energy in Central City, killing several civilians and granting various individuals metahuman abilities, including Barry Allen.

Nine months later, Wells, along with Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, helps develop Barry's powers as the Flash and mentors him in pushing his speed to the limit to come up with novel solutions to take down metahuman criminals.

Eventually, Thawne is exposed and his plans are foiled when he is erased from existence after his ancestor Eddie Thawne commits suicide, though the Reverse-Flash's existence lingers to preserve the timeline.

In season two, Eobard's last will as Harrison Wells contains a recorded confession for Barry that clears Henry of all charges.

Thawne reappears in later seasons, still wearing Wells' face. Season two features the Earth-2 version of Dr. Harrison "Harry" Wells, the father of Jesse Wells.

He, like Eobard, used an exploding particle accelerator to create metahumans, including the psychopathic serial killer Hunter Zolomon as the rogue speedster Zoom.

Harry refused to take responsibility while making a profit by developing metahuman detector technology.

Team Flash, specifically Cisco and Joe, distrust him because of the prior betrayal by Eobard, and Harry himself is mistaken by people, unaware that Eobard's actions ruined his Earth-1 doppelgänger's name and legacy.

Harry meets the Reverse-Flash's younger self, suspecting that the encounter between them is what caused Eobard's future actions towards his Earth-1 self and lead Harry to hate Thawne.

Harry is extorted by Zoom into developing a device to steal the Flash's speed for Zoom in exchange for his daughter's life, a feat that even the Reverse-Flash had failed to achieve.

After Barry's speed is sacrificed to Zoom to save Wally West, Harry recreates a miniature particle accelerator to help Barry regain these powers.

Although the accelerator explosion causes Barry to disappear, and its dark matter affects both Wally and Jesse, Harry eventually locates Barry at the Speed Force; with Cisco and Iris' help, Harry brings Barry back and Barry wakes Jesse from the coma.

Harry returns early in season three after Jesse is revealed to have developed super-speed as a result of the accelerator, but Harry asks the team talk his daughter out of pursuing heroics.

After Barry and Jesse are forced to team up, Harry becomes more supportive of it. Harry helps Joe protect Iris after they arrive on Earth-2 to hide from Savitar, but they fail to stop her kidnapping.

Harry despises his Earth doppelgänger, H. Wells, who he considers a moron, but comes to respect H.

In season four's season premiere, it is revealed that Harry was one of the scientists who helped Cisco develop a device to take Barry's place in the Speed Force.

Harry visits Earth-1 again after an argument with Jesse, and helps the team fight Clifford DeVoe, augmenting his intelligence with dark matter to oppose DeVoe before it is revealed that the use of dark matter damaged his brain.

He returns to Earth-2 after DeVoe's defeat, his intelligence restored to a normal human level after further exposure to dark matter.

Season three introduces his Earth counterpart, Harrison "H. Cisco determines that H. Labs, Randolph Morgan, was the one who solved Harry's cryptogram for him.

Barry suggests letting H. He trains Wally to be a hero and, after discovering how many criminals breached the facility, strives to transform S.

Labs into a museum to maintain Team Flash's cover. Gypsy , an enforcer from Earth, arrives to retrieve H. In the battle against Savitar, H.

In the alternate , H. Season five introduces the Earth version in the form of Harrison Sherloque Wells, a detective who has solved cases across the multiverse.

He is 'hired' by Team Flash to investigate the mystery of the metahuman serial killer, Cicada, staying on Earth-1 after his initial deductions prove incorrect as Earth-1 Cicada has a different secret identity compared to the other versions Sherloque had previously captured.

During his stay, he becomes suspicious of Nora West-Allen, and secretly investigates the young speedster; discovering her allegiance with his Earth-1 doppelgänger's impostor and killer Eobard Thawne in the process.

Sherloque has married the Renee Adlers of various Earths in the multiverse and eventually starts dating the Earth-1 version of her.

He sends the Earth-1 Renee to his Earth to keep her safe from Cicada. After Cicada is defeated, Sherloque returns to his Earth to seek out Renee.

Season six introduces Harrison Nash Wells, a tech-wielding adventurer and "myth buster" from an unspecified Earth who's come to Earth-1 to find a substance called "eternium" as well as track the Monitor so he can expose him as a false god.

He doesn't seem to enjoy company as he sees the Council of Wells as "jerks", initially refused to work with Team Flash, and believes putting faith in others is too dangerous.

Despite this, he was willing to offer his services to them in exchange for a device he claims only Cisco can build before quickly going off on his own once more.

He would later begrudgingly work with Team Flash after they offer to help him, and claim he can save Barry from his prophesied death in the upcoming Crisis.

Through their help, he's uncovered a wall that he says protects a portal the Monitor uses to hide out that Barry can't phase through due to it being laced with traces of eternium.

Moments before Crisis takes place, Nash uncovers a wall covered in symbols before a voice offers him unlimited knowledge and power in exchange for worshiping it.

Though he initially refuses, Nash ultimately relents after the voice appears to save him and is pulled into the second wall.

When the Crisis begins, Nash reveals he was manipulated by the Anti-Monitor , who used him in his plot to destroy the multiverse. As a result of freeing the malevolent being, Nash was enslaved by him and transformed into a " Pariah "; cursed to bear witness to the multiverse's destruction as penance.

Despite this, he was able to ensure the safety of seven heroes capable of stopping the Anti-Monitor before the god-like being succeeded.

Once the Anti-Monitor is defeated and the multiverse is restored, Nash is restored to his pre-Crisis self, though he is later given his memories as Pariah so he'll never forget what he did.

Other versions of Wells appear in the episode "The New Rogues": a gunslinger variant named "Hell's Wells", a steampunk -styled scientist from Earth, and a French mime.

During the fourth-season episode, "When Harry Met Harry Lothario Wells, a billionaire playboy from Earth; and Wells 2. Also shown is a wizard variant named "Wells the Grey" from Earth During a later fourth-season episode, "Harry and the Harrisons", Cisco creates the "Council of Harrisons" consisting of the most empathetic versions of Wells from across the multiverse to comfort Harry while he was losing his intelligence: Lothario Wells who had been expelled from the Council of Wells , the Italian Sonny Wells of Earth, and the French poet H.

Wells of Earth Harrison Wells is an original character created for the series while Eobard Thawne is based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Joseph "Joe" West portrayed by Jesse L. In season one, he is one of the few who knows Barry's secret; reluctantly becoming his partner against metahuman criminals.

Joe also gives Barry advice on his feelings for Iris. He also assists in Barry's attempts to prove Henry innocent and secretly investigate Wells after becoming suspicious of his intentions.

Joe and the team ultimately discover Wells' true identity and defeat him. He relies on Cisco's inventions to deal with the super criminals and becomes a father figure to them both.

Joe also struggles with the relationship he has with his estranged wife Francine who, unbeknownst to him, gave birth to their son Wally after she left the family.

He is initially distraught and unsure of how to be a father to Wally, but later becomes close to him.

In the beginning of season three, Joe became an alcoholic who's uncommitted to his job and estranged from his children in the Flashpoint timeline.

Barry undoes it, Joe and Iris clash over him never telling her her mother was alive. However, they reconcile after Barry reveals the timeline changes.

Joe fears for Wally's life after discovering his son has dreams of being Kid Flash. After Wally becomes a speedster, however, Joe eventually accepts his son's destiny.

He begins to move on from his widowhood by dating district attorney Cecile Horton. In season four, Joe learns that Cecile is pregnant with his child.

While this causes them to experience a midlife crisis , they eventually overcome it together. When Barry is incarcerated at Iron Heights, Joe does everything he can to help prove his innocence.

By the end of the season, Cecile successfully delivers their daughter, whom they name Jenna. Prior to the shooting of season five's premiere, Martin suffered a back injury during the summer hiatus.

After shooting scenes for a few episodes involving his character sitting or lying down, he took a medical leave of absence from the show, [10] during which the character was explained as taking a leave of absence from police work to visit family members, including Wally in Cambodia, or simply to spend quality time with Jenna.

Martin eventually recovered and returned to the show before the season finale. In season six, Joe starts to investigate Joseph Carver.

Following the different attacks by Rag Doll where one had Sunshine sprung from police custody and another had Cecile's life threatened, Joe enters the witness protection program until further notice.

Barry visited Joe and informed him about what Eva did to Iris. Following the death of Joseph Carver, Joe is released from the witness protection program.

Wallace "Wally" West portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale ; main seasons 2—4; guest season 5—present is Iris' unknown brother and Joe's son, [13] [14] described as "a bit of a wayward kid who has some attitude problems and some authority issues and is quick with a sassy remark".

Wally was born after his mother's abandonment of her family, leading Joe and Iris to be unaware of his existence for eighteen years.

Wally first meets his father and sister during a Christmas party shortly before his mother dies, and he struggles to bond with Joe and Iris.

He also forms a brotherly bond with Barry Allen, although he is suspicious of Barry's weird behavior.

Formerly a drag racer, Wally is enrolled at the same university Iris attended, majoring in mechanical engineering. After repeatedly being rescued by the Flash, Wally becomes fascinated with the superhero and discovers that his father has a connection with him, but is unaware that he is Barry.

He is inspired by both his father and the Flash to help people, and as a result becomes closer to Joe. Labs, they work together to escape but are accidentally affected by the dark matter released from the attempt to restore Barry's powers; his father and Barry suspect that Wally is turning into a metahuman after the incident.

Eventually Wally discovers Barry's secrets when Zoom abducts and kills Barry's father, and fully accepts Barry after he rescues Joe from Zoom.

In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally is the Flash, [16] until he is badly injured by the rogue speedster Rival and Barry and Eobard Thawne reset the timeline.

In the post-Flashpoint timeline, Wally struggles to become a speedster after witnessing Jesse becoming one. After Alchemy seeks Wally out, Wally learns of his alternate life and uses the villain's device to gain his speed.

Wally then becomes a speedster after Caitlin stabilizes his metamorphosis, and he is eager to join Barry as his partner, Kid Flash, to both his father and sister's concerns.

Wally also assists Cisco due to his background in mechanical engineering. Barry gradually appreciates Wally's supports and asking Wally's help to save Iris from Savitar.

Though H. After Barry chooses to take Savitar's place in the Speed Force to stabilize it, he appoints Wally to be his successor as the Flash.

In the alternate , Wally sought revenge against Savitar shortly after Iris' murder but was rendered paraplegic and catatonic after the fight.

In season four, Wally leaves Central City for Blue Valley on a mission of self-discovery after Jesse breaks up with him.

He resumes his journey though, reaching China before being recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends in their fight against Mallus.

Following the fight with the Thinker, Wally attends the party that follows the birth of his father's new daughter with Cecile Horton, and is delighted of having a younger sibling.

He tells his father about his battle to save the universe from Mallus and how he is working not to be in Barry's shadow, showing Joe his confidence as a hero.

In season five, Wally briefly helps Team Flash with keeping Nora in the present and taking down Gridlock. After some encouragement from his father and the rest of the team.

He leaves Central City to continue his mission of self-discovery. In season six, Wally is revealed to have joined the peace corps, he also warns Barry about the Speed Force dying.

Lonsdale decides that he will not be returning full-time on season five, due to his desire to seek other acting opportunities. It was always intended for Wally to be the son of Joe and brother of Iris, which differs from the character's comic history, as the producers felt it "weird" for second seasons of television series to introduce previously unmentioned cousins of established characters.

Clifford DeVoe portrayed by Neil Sandilands ; season 4 is a metahuman with superhuman intelligence, who seeks to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity as the Thinker and season four's main antagonist.

Originally a mild-mannered professor who dreamed of expanding the way people think, Clifford DeVoe used the "thinking cap" his engineer wife Marlize DeVoe built on his specifications and powered it with the dark matter wave from the S.

Labs explosion to boost his intelligence. It eventually rendered him paraplegic and with an advanced form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , Marlize developing a hoverchair to delay the affliction as he developed a god complex.

Having deduced Barry's imprisonment in the Speed Force, the Thinker orchestrated events that to force the Flash's return while arranging the creation of twelve new metahumans on the bus directly exposed to the resulting dark matter wave.

Barry soon learns of DeVoe's existence, the villain accepting the "Thinker" moniker Vibe invented while continuing to be steps ahead of the group.

Using Amunet Black to acquire Dominic Lanse, DeVoe transfers his consciousness into the metahuman's body Kendrick Sampson to acquire his telepathy while using his lifeless original body to frame Barry for murder.

This is the start of his personality changing for the worst as, showing indifference upon learning that Barry is exonerated, DeVoe places an extract of Weeper's tears in his wife's drink to make her more obedient.

He later transfers his mind into the body of Izzy Bowin Miranda MacDougall to acquire her powers, leaving only Ralph and four more metahumans to capture.

He then uses Elongated Man's powers to shape his body into his own so that his wife can now love all of him. After raiding an A.

With help from Marlize, his plot is thwarted while his host regains control of his body when Barry's conscience enters the Thinker's mind to help fight off, during which DeVoe's good side manifests as a corpse, showing that he was truly beyond redemption.

With his original body dead and Marlize having destroyed every known means he has to sustain his survival, DeVoe no longer exists.

However, the Thinker's Enlightenment satellite plays a part in the origin of Cicada and the Meta-Tech which causes any item to grant anyone metahuman abilities.

Cecile Horton portrayed by Danielle Nicolet ; main season 5—present; guest season 1; recurring seasons 3—4 is the Central City district attorney and a close friend of Joe West.

She would give occasional legal advice to Joe in season one. Cecile and Joe begin a romantic relationship in season three and expect a child in season four.

When Barry is framed for the murder of Clifford DeVoe, Cecile acts as his defense attorney and tries to prove his innocence.

After Barry is sentenced to life at Iron Heights without possibility of parole, Cecile helps Iris work on an appeal which works when Elongated Man poses as DeVoe, claiming that he woke up in the morgue.

During her pregnancy, she becomes a metahuman with telepathic and empathetic powers. In season five, Nicolet is promoted to series regular.

In season six, after Cecile witnesses the discrimination metahumans face from the city's infrastructure because of their powers and realizes the political restrictions as district attorney, she decides to resign from her position to become a defense attorney for metas in order to work more closely with them.

Cecile is loosely based upon the comic book character of the same name , the attorney that defended the Silver Age Flash during his trial for the murder of Professor Zoom.

She first appeared in The Flash Apr Ralph Dibny portrayed by Hartley Sawyer ; main season 5—6; [23] recurring season 4 is a metahuman with the ability to stretch his body to superhuman lengths and sizes.

In season one, Ralph's name was referred by Eobard Thawne of him being one of the victims killed by the particle accelerator explosion prior to the timeline change in season three.

It is later revealed in season four that Dibny committed perjury out of a misguided sense of justice rather than a desire for personal gain: he feared a suspect would get away with murder, and thus planted fake evidence.

Dibny then became a shady private detective specializing in infidelity cases. He was on the bus that was exposed to dark matter energy and became a metahuman and ally to Team Flash.

Posing as Clifford DeVoe, he appears before Judge Hankerson during Cecile and Iris' appeal, claiming that someone knocked him out and made him look dead.

This statement convinces Judge Hankerson to exonerate Barry. Elongated Man's body is later taken over by the Thinker who stretches it into his own image.

During the final battle with the Thinker, Elongated Man regains control of his body and helps defeat him.

In season five, Ralph begins an investigation into Caitlin's childhood past, and helps Team Flash against the serial killer Cicada.

Ralph is the first to figure out Eobard Thawne's master plan, which earns him the praise of detective Sherloque Wells, who dubs him Team Flash's new master detective upon leaving Earth In season six, Ralph is hired to find a woman named Susan Dearbon by her parents, resulting in him traveling around the world to find her.

In his encounters with her, Ralph learned from her that Black Hole is extoring her parents as she gives him a diamond that contains the information that he needs.

Ralph later visits Sue at where she's been hiding out and shows her an article where Eva pinned the blame of Carver's death on her.

Nora West-Allen portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy ; main season 5; recurring season 4 is introduced as a mysterious girl with super-speed.

Afterwards, she appears at the party welcoming the daughter of Joe West and Cecile Horton, revealing herself as Barry and Iris' daughter from the future and stating that she has made a big mistake.

While using her super-speed, she initially has both yellow lightning similar to Barry and purple lightning similar to Iris when she was briefly a speedster.

Nora grew up without her father, while also not knowing that he was the Flash. She eventually begins working as a CSI like her father.

After being struck by the villain Godspeed 's lightning, Nora discovers she had a power dampening chip implanted into her in her infancy, which hid her speedster powers.

This revelation, combined with Nora finding out the truth about her father, drives a wedge between her and her mother with Nora believing that she robbed her of the choice to pursue heroics.

Nora seeks out Eobard Thawne at Iron Heights' death row, not knowing that he killed her paternal grandmother, and he eventually agrees to begin training her in her newfound powers.

Becoming a superhero, she chooses the codename XS from her mother's nickname for her, owing to her tendency to do things in excess, and takes her mother's old purple jacket from Iris's short tenure as a speedster as a part of her costume.

Thawne teaches Nora how to travel back in time so she could meet her father before his disappearance.

In the present, Nora begins working alongside her parents, hunting Cicada as part of Team Flash.

She bonds with both of her parents, while also secretly reporting back to Thawne at regular intervals. When she finds out the truth about Thawne, she briefly questions her partnership with him but chooses to continue.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Grant Gustin Learn more More Like This. Arrow — Action Adventure Crime. Supergirl TV Series Action Adventure Drama.

The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career. Agents of S. Lucifer TV Series Crime Drama Fantasy. Supernatural — Drama Fantasy Horror.

Stranger Things TV Series Criminal Minds — Crime Drama Mystery. The TV Series Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Friends — Comedy Romance.

Comedy Crime. Grey's Anatomy TV Series Drama Romance. Edit Storyline Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father.

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Puncture - David gegen Goliath. Ein Versuch, Barry zurückzuholen geht augenscheinlich schief, allerdings öffnet sich kurz darauf mitten in der Stadt ein Portal zur Speed Force, aus dem Barry unbekleidet herausspringt. Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Daraufhin entwickelt Cisco ein Gerät, welches ursprünglich dafür sorgen sollte, dass Barry keine neuen Erinnerungen abspeichern kann, damit Savitar diese nicht als "Waffe" gegen Barry einsetzen kann. Game of Thrones. Am Ende der Staffelpremiere wird dem Zuschauer vermittelt, dass der "Thinker" und Weeds Imdb Komplizin den Roboter gebaut haben, um Flash zurückzuholen. Klarc Wilson. Savitar hat check this out unwissentlich H. Jennifer Kitchen. Oktober bestellte der Sender eine volle Staffel mit insgesamt 23 Episoden. Continue reading war in die Vergangenheit gereist, um den jungen Barry zu töten, damit Flash, sein Erzfeind, niemals existiert. Take Down - Niemand kann ihn stoppen. Episode dieser Serie article source weitere Pläne geschmiedet. Grant Gustin Kostüm: Andre Tricoteux. The Flash Memes's Instagram photo: “Thank you guys for the followers❤️​❤️❤️ ⚡ #grant #grantgustin #theflash #flash#supergirl #arrow #barryallen #hr. - The flash cast in a bus #selfie # grantgustin. Image in ⚡FLARROWVERSE 🦇 collection by TorchWho9. Discovered by TorchWho9. Find images and videos about arrow, flash and the flash on We. Stralen von sich werfen, to cast forth rays; to ray out. Ein donnerwetter oder feuerstral, a flash, or leam, of lightening or of fire. Der, den ein blizstral traf, one that is.

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The Flash Cast Is Hilarious!!!😂😂 Funniest Moments! #LOWI

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